FIRST (Financial Resources and Treatment) Study

Dr. Reginald Tucker-Seeley's FIRST Study logo

PI: Reginald Tucker-Seeley, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

A compelling name and logo were needed to help attract a racially diverse group of men who were newly diagnosed with prostate cancer into this study of how finances may influence treatment choices and perceived quality of treatment.

Recognizing that potential participants might, understandably, be feeling stressed or overwhelmed by their recent diagnosis, a key recruitment message was that this was a unique research study on prostate cancer and that they would be contributing to an important and inclusive new area of research that traditionally has been under-recognized.

A solid and friendly typeface was employed, and the “i” was graphically treated to suggest a stack of coins or a bar graph. The logo incorporates the same colors as another of Dr. Tucker-Seeley’s studies, the Money-Health Connection, to provide a “family” feel to a growing number of studies conducted by his lab.