MGH Depression Clinical and Research Program

Poster design for MGH depression research recruitment

PI: Michael Henry, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Depression research presents unique recruitment challenges, such as the stigma, hopelessness, and lack of motivation that characterise the disease. To recruit women with anxious depression to a new study, Effects of Vilazodone on Glutamate in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Anxious Unipolar Depressives, HCC developed ads for display within subway cars and in transit stations that highlight benefits of participation, such as free medication and follow-up care. The ads also leverage MGH’s leadership in depression research to assure potential participants that “We understand depression.” The graphic approach affirms that, although things feel dark, MGH can help people with depression find their way forward into clarity and brightness.

Photo of large recruitment poster at Boston subway station
Photo of small recruitment poster posted on interior of Boston subway line