Print materials

Screenshot showing the cover of the Palliative Chemotherapy FOLFOX booklet (PI: Deborah Schrag, MD)

Improving Informed Consent for Palliative Chemotherapy

Developing a regimen-specific multi-media informed consent library to support patient decision-making

Images of Alan Geller's ASK Study print materials

Advancing Survivors’ Knowledge (ASK) About Skin Cancer

Promoting detection of skin cancer for adult survivors

Image of cover and inside of Cancer Gene Sequencing brochure

Cancer Gene Sequencing: Thinking it Through

Supporting cancer patients’ decision making

Image of Dr. Ed Peters' WATCH project recruitment poster, card, and flyer

Women and Their Children’s Health (WaTCH) Study

Monitoring the health effects of an environmental catastrophe

Image showing various posters designed for Dr. Glorian Sorensen's Mumbai tobacco cessation intervention

Mumbai Worksites Study

Using Bollywood for tobacco cessation in India

Image of Dana-Farber patient navigator brochure

Patient Navigator Program

Explaining supportive services in three languages

Image of Nancy Lin's EMBRACE newsletter for research retention

Ending Metastatic Cancer for Everyone (EMBRACE)

Giving back to research participants

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Program card

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Program

Providing newly diagnosed IBC patients with information and support to access expert care at DFCI

Cover of A Landlord's Guide to Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-Free Housing campaign: A Landlord's Guide to Smoke-Free Housing

Including resources like A Landlord's Guide to Smoke-free Housing