Logos and branding

MaGIC logo


Advancing the cure of germ cell tumors through research

Nurses' Health Study 3 logo

Nurses’ Health Study 3

New generation of the Nurses’ Health Studies

U54 Partnership logo

UMB-DF/HCC Partnership

Furthering a transdisciplinary cancer and disparities-related research program

Alan Geller's ASK About Skin Cancer study logo

Advancing Survivors' Knowledge (ASK) About Skin Cancer

Early detection of skin cancer for adult survivors

PREMM logo

PREMM model

Lynch syndrome prediction model

Dr. Vish Viswanath's Project IMPACT logo

Project IMPACT

Community-based participatory research promoting media advocacy

Nurses' Health Study logo

Nurses’ Health Study

Long-term investigation into risk factors for major chronic disease in women

Logo for Jack Dennerlein's ACES project

ACES (Assessment of Contractor Safety)

Developing an assessment tool to select and promote safer contractors for construction projects