Mumbai Worksites Study

Image showing various posters designed for Dr. Glorian Sorensen's Mumbai tobacco cessation intervention

PI: Glorian Sorensen, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

HCC adapted the popular graphic style of Bollywood posters to create materials for Dr. Glorian Sorensen's tobacco cessation intervention among low-SES workers at manufacturing worksites in Mumbai, India. These blue-collar workers, many of whom lack literacy skills, face dual health risks through their exposures to occupational hazards and their high rates of tobacco use. Flyers, action cards, posters, success stories, and a quit book incorporated colorful, culturally relevant graphics and minimal text. Photographs communicated that workers who quit using tobacco are “stars.” After developing the English-language protyptes, HCC sent the files to Mumbai where they were translated into Hindi and Marathi, then printed. This study is a collaboration between researchers at DFCI’s Center for Community-Based Research and researchers at the Healis-Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health in Mumbai.

Image showing various cards designed for the Mumbai tobacco cessation intervention