Aspirin for Breast Cancer (ABC) Trial

Image of Aspirin for Breast Cancer Trial homepage

Wendy Chen, MD, MPH, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Aspirin for Breast Cancer (ABC) Trial is a five-year study recruiting 3,000 participants from across the US who are within two years of diagnosis of node-positive breast cancer and who meet other eligibility requirements. The study is the first U.S. study to try and answer if aspirin can keep breast cancer from returning in people who previously had node-positive breast cancer. 

HCC developed and launched the website for the ABC Trial as an informational site for people who have joined the study and for those who may be interested in joining.

HCC worked with the study team, including patient advocates who helped to develop the study and who are active advisors throughout the study, to develop a communication strategy to guide the site’s development. The strategy included study background, site audiences, calls to action—along with motivations (including the study’s simplicity and non-toxic approach) and barriers to those calls—and key messages that the site needed to convey. HCC edited the site’s content for clarity and appropriateness for a range of literacy levels.

The design of the site began with the logo that the study team developed, and relied on those themes of clarity and simplicity that originated with the study name and logo. The site’s colors and photography were carefully selected to support these themes, as well as to further an emotional connection between the study and its audiences.