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HCC produces low-cost outreach materials to meet the needs of researchers attending scientific conferences and other events that offer the opportunity to:

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Scientists and academics are increasingly adopting social media to increase the visibility of their work, stay up-to-date in their fields, and connect with other experts. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) now uses Google Hangout, Twitter chats, a YouTube channel, Facebook pages in English and Spanish, an Instagram account for posting cancer-related images, and LinkedIn groups to facilitate research. To encourage the use of social media as a research tool, NCI publishes guides for investigators.

“We’re worried our brochure may be too high-lit and hard for people to understand.” This is a common concern we hear from researchers about their study communications, whether they are for recruiting or retaining ...

As Nancy Lin, MD, prepared to launch the Longitudinal Cohort Study of Patients with Recurrent Metastatic Breast Cancer, she reached out to HCC for help creating a more participant-friendly name and a study newsletter that would “give back” ...

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The goal of Dr Lisa Iezzoni’s PCORI-funded research project was to develop quality-of-care measurements that reflected and respected the lived experience of people with disabilities, and to use these metrics to ...

If you’re like most people with websites, you want your site to be seen by as many interested people as possible. Because most people will find your site via a search engine, search engines are key to your site’s visibility. “Search engine optimization (SEO)” is a strategy that aims to help websites appear (or “rank”) as high as possible in search results.

The Health Communication Core (HCC) includes SEO in our website development process for every site we create.

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HCC has developed a streamlined, cost-effective web development process to meet the communication needs of research labs and other initiatives seeking:

Study recruitment, implementation, and retention all require communication. A strong strategy coupled with the right tools can:

Websites are increasingly being used to recruit lab staff or study participants and to publicize scientific advances. Web analytics software can help you find out who is coming to your site and how well it is working.