Recent HCC presentations

(February 2018) Each of these presentations by the Health Communication Core (HCC) was targeted to the interests and needs of a specific audience: clinical investigators and study coordinators, institutional informatics leadership, population health researchers, and the national health communication community. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in hosting a presentation for your colleagues, research team, or staff.

“Communication strategies for researchers: Recruit, retain, educate, disseminate, and collaborate”
DF/HCC Clinical Investigator Education Series
February 1, 2018

Communication can support the success of clinical research. HCC shared strategic approaches that can enhance the effectiveness of research efforts, highlighting six recent projects and sharing practical tips researchers can use. Download a PDF of the presentation.

“Web development solutions for researchers”
DFCI Informatics
January 23, 2018

Three examples of advanced functionality and custom programming were highlighted in this presentation to DFCI’s informatics leadership:

  • Online clinical decision aid with individualized risk assessment, values clarification, and summary report (front-end and Drupal)
  • Password-protected intervention site featuring a secure repository for housing and analyzing patient-submitted images (full stack and Drupal, Drupal API)
  • Research collaboration proposal submission website (full stack, no CMS)

“Developing a culturally competent clinical decision aid”
Center for Community-Based Research
January 3, 2018

UP: Understanding PrEP is an online tool to promote clinical discussions about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among men at high risk for HIV infection. HCC outlined the process of creating a communication strategy that responded to the needs of the audience and their providers, and demonstrated ways in which understanding the target audiences contributed to its cultural competency.

“Using community engagement to develop a biking campaign addressing health disparities”
National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media
August 16, 2017

Shana McGough, HCC’s senior writer, presented an abstract during two poster sessions at the National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media in Atlanta, GA. The conference convened more than 1,000 health communication researchers and practitioners from academia, public health, federal and state government, and the private sector. HCC’s abstract reported on the development process, results, and practice implications of a media campaign we developed in 2016 for the Boston Public Health Commission, which can be seen around the Longwood area again this summer. Catherine Coleman and Adam Gerberick from HCC, and Mary Bovenzi and Stephanie Voltaire from Boston Public Health Commission are, in addition to Shana, co-authors.